Martha Raymond

Martha Raymond

Travel Questionnaire


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Slideshow of a Cruise around Antarctica, with Lindblad Expeditions

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Bookings Travel

• Are you tired of looking to make travel plans without the experience of knowing what you are buying?

• Let a consultant who has been traveling for 40 years, and a travel agent for 35 years, assist you in finalizing your plans.


Bookings Travel is a Luxury Travel Agency Specializing in:

Adventure Travel,

Family Vacations,

Guided Excursions,

Luxury Cruises,

Exotic Getaways!


Our Mission is to Facilitate Pleasurable, Enriching Experiences.

Bookings Travel Allows our Clients to Travel Safely, Confidently, Courteously, and in an Organized and Relaxed Manner.

Bookings Travel makes that possible.


Greece in May 2009