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A slideshow of Italy, including Marching Band, World Renowned Architecture, Narrow Roads, Cityscape Overlook.


Martha, Bill, and Friends

Martha and her husband Bill with friends and the maitre d'hotel from a restaurant in Italy.



Martha Raymond


My name is Martha Raymond and I am the person behind Bookings Travel. I consult. I help people find the correct adventure, specifically, the best suited for their allotted time and budget. I am paid by a packager or charge a fee for time.

I returned from a year of study in Florence Italy and took a job with a travel agency in Boston…age 19.

I opened a travel agency in Keene NH in 1972….age 22.

I closed the office in Keene in 2005….age 56.

I continue with a home office in 2009….age 60.

These years in the travel business have enabled me to live my passion of traveling and talking and helping people discover the world for themselves. The goals I have for myself is to assist people in finding the best destination to fit their budget and hopes for their trip. I am the detail manager.


Select this map to discover all the fascinating destinations Martha has experienced!